Work with me



If you’ve been intrigued by the stuff around this site so far and believe that I can be of help- here’s all the ways I can:

1) Graphic Design– Need help with designing a logo, flyer, social media graphic, business card… anything colorful? Email me: and we’ll get talking!

2) Social Media– Have a new business and need help setting it up online? I’m crazy about social media and love to infuse the latest knowledge from the industry with what I’m studying at school. Email me: so we can start crafting your digital footprint!

I love using graphic design and social media to help create (sweet!) value.

By optimally using either of these tools, your business’s value will flourish in some pretty amazing ways.

Good graphic design:

An effective social media presence:

Whether you are a new entrepreneur, a small business, or a non profit. I’d be more than happy to help all those who work to benefit the world.

Leave me a message on any of my social networks for a faster response!

Or… you can use the good ‘ol contact form. There is more than one way to get in touch with this girl here 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!

With peace,


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