Cute Stationery at Whites Pharmacy

Cute Stationery at Whites Pharmacy

The planner and stationery craze is definitely coming to this part of the world, and I am loving it.

Check out these super cute looking sticky notes spotted at Whites Pharmacy, Andalus Mall in Jeddah.

I didn’t end up buying anything, unfortunately. Will definitely pick up something next time I’m there!

I feel like the designs are inspired by Korean/Japanese stationery because they are as innovative as they are aesthetically pleasing. I wish I got a picture of the instructions given at the back of one of these packages to demonstrate that- these are more than just your average sticky notes.

I love them all so much 😭❤️ #wishlist


One thought on “Cute Stationery at Whites Pharmacy

  1. Finally!! Hahaha what took them so long?!
    I bought some clear stamps from centerpoint 2 years ago. Just the alphabet clear stamps and other characters were there. No stamp pads, stamp blocks, nothing. 😂 It took me a while to use it. Haha


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