Museums & Galleries Notebook

Museums & Galleries Notebook

My brother gifted me this neat looking journal from the UK. I’m not entirely sure where he purchased it from, but I can always ask him if you’d like to know 😊

It’s not the typical journal/notebook I would pick up, aesthetic wise. However, I was looking for a notebook from my collection to use as a bullet journal for the rest of 2017, and after careful consideration decided to go ahead with this one.

I think that if you are any level of a serious-ish journaler/hobbyist, selecting a notebook isn’t as simple as it can be for most people. I mean, this little guy will be your companion for quite some time. You’d want to feel comfortable looking at it everyday, housing daily memories and tasks you like (and don’t like) doing.

So you’d want to make sure you will still look at, open it, and “confront” it, day in and out. In good times and not-so-good times.

My intention was for a notebook to not be so pretty or expensive that I’d feel intimidated to write in it or throw it around if need be (e.g. in my purse or bag). At the same time, I was looking for something juuuuust pretty enough/well designed that would carry meaning for me to facilitate *some* sense of connection with it.

Maps are interesting. If anything, this could allude to a need to consider and explore new things, or be brave to encounter the unknown in life.

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this, hahah.

My goal was/is to seek a fresh (re) start to what I would like to consider, a new phase in my life. This notebook seems fine to be a companion for just that. Or at least, such is my hope that it will be!

One thing I love and appreciate, is the size. In recent years, I’ve learnt I love journals and notebooks on the smaller/portable side of the spectrum. This one is a little smaller than A5. I like it a lot! (I love any notebooks/journals smaller than A5, so yesss 😁). It also has a pocket at the back, which is definitely a handy feature!

The cover is on the harder side and paper more textured than my usual preferences for both. (It’s funny I feel this way as my last bujo’s cover was a proper hardback lol).

Since the theme is around the lines of exploration or discovery, in a way that’s okay with me for now.

Also, I’ve learned recently that I should be more open to choices other than I’m used to as the context can change the effectiveness/value of my personal preference (more on this in a future post inshaAllah!). As a result, I’m alright with the cover and paper even though it’s not my usual.

With that being said… here’s to new beginnings and exploring new things in life! #bismillah


One thought on “Museums & Galleries Notebook

  1. Love it. I can relate when you said that choosing a notebook can be hard. Hahaha It’s like we are looking for a connection with tge type of notebook (crazy us). πŸ˜‚ I found one in the Philippines, without lines. πŸ™‚ Yours is good. Love the lines. πŸ™‚


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