Chillbox – Frozen Yogurt & Juicy Spoons @ Al Salaam Mall, Jeddah

@chillboxsa is now one of my top 3 favorite froyo places here in Jeddah!

The natural flavor is hands down the best one I’ve had at any frozen yogurt place. It was so delicious and fluffy!

I also am loving their interior design and branding. They have this cute nook that has sofa style seating with a light-up world map wall decor. Ahhh too pretty! Would make an awesome background for an Instagram shot!

I was pleasantly satisfied with the customer service. The salespeople were warm, friendly, and ready to serve as soon as I made my way to the froyo dispensers.

Another thing I love is that they have a variety of items on offer in their menu. To name a few, I think I saw waffles, ice-cream, and smoothies among others.

Overall, I’m pretty sure Chillbox will now be my go-to choice for when I’m wanting frozen yogurt! I’m grateful and excited that I can visit this place anytime to satisfy my frozen yogurt cravings because Salaam Mall isn’t too far from where I live.

You can find in Chillbox in Al Salaam Mall, near the food court entrance by Applebee’s.

This post was first seen on Instagram: @lovepeaceandgratitude


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