ROCO 2017 Diary – Planner Review

ROCO 2017 Diary – Planner Review

For my first impression, I thought this 2017 planner/diary by ROCO was more on the drier side, aesthetic wise. As you may have seen me express on Instagram, hahah! 😅


I think I judged too soon, and for that, dear planner (yes, I am speaking to an inanimate object) and friends, I dearly apologize 🙏.

The fact that this planner may not pull an aesthetic-specific person towards it is understandable. But really- with the washi tape and sticker obsession on the rise, I can totally see the plain-ness of it being an asset to the diary as you will be able to decorate and style it up as you’d like! Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the different sections they had, especially the conversion calendar which has both Hijri and Gregorian dates (A+!).

I think this planner would be a good pick for anyone- especially so for students and working individuals who are looking for a simple and functional diary or planner to organize their tasks for the day (e.g. exams, vacations, travel, events at work, etc.!).

It is a decent size and won’t take up too much room in your bag (aka portability!), and can totally be styled up with stickers, washi tape, or doodle art to bring your own unique flavor to it!

Although, if you are a very busy person with numerous responsibilities to carry out through your day, this specific planner may not be the best option as there isn’t a whole lot of space for each day, owing to the weekly layout. In which case, a daily layout is what you may actually be looking for!

To round it up for you real quick, here are the reasons why I am loving + was pleasantly surprised by this planner:

  • The compact build and solid feel in the hand
  • Bookmark
  • Pen loop
  • Portability
  • Affordability and ease of acquiring the product itself- SAR39 at your local Jarir. You can pick it up in person or buy online.
  • Has a conversion calendar with both Hijri and Gregorian dates. If you were to buy a planner from elsewhere, especially overseas (take for example, an Erin Condren or a Kikki.K), this feature would be hard to come by
  • Available in black, grey, pink, and purple – there is something for everyone!
  • Decent number of ‘Notes’ pages (I think there are about 18-20 sheets at the end of the planner which I found to be a good amount!)
  • Various sections such as the conversion calendar, address and telephone directory, and tables, which will be helpful for the right person

I bought this planner out of curiosity but ended up liking it more than I’d anticipated! However, my 2017 planner is already here and I won’t be needing this one as much as I want to keep it for myself (there are only so many planners one person can use at a given time!).

In that spirit, I’d love to find it a caring and loving home rather than gather dust in my drawer, which is why I am giving it away on Instagram 😀

Click this link to join the giveaway + get the scoop on the “rules”. Winner will be announced on December 27, 2016.

Features of the various sections in the planner + photos (for your perusal!) are as below:

  • Personal Information
  • Year overview for 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Hijri and Gregorian Conversion Calendar in both English and Arabic
  • Middle East Holidays
  • International Holidays
  • International Direct Dialling Codes
  • World Time Chart
  • World Air Distances
  • Weights & Measures
  • Conversion Formulae
  • Double Conversion Tables
  • 2017 Year Planner on two pages
  • Week on 2 pages layout, with shared sections for Friday and Saturday
  • Each day divided into two hour chunks starting from 8AM and ending at 4PM (08, 10, 12, 02, 04)
  • Week number and monthly overview at the end of each weekly layout
  • 2018 Year Planner on two pages
  • Address & Telephone directory
  • Notes pages
  • World Map

Happy planning! ✨



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