Book Talk: Accepted Whispers


Dua is such a beautiful experience. Yet I find myself not giving it it’s true due. Sometimes I’m at a loss for words, and sometimes I cease to reflect on it’s true essence and realize that it’s far more than just a few spoken words.

Sometime last year, I came across this tweet from Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

The tweet

The tweet

I already had “Fortress of the Muslim” so, naturally my attention went on to search what “Accepted Whispers” was about and where I could get it.

accepted whispers

Alhamdullilah, after getting my hands on it- I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s an absolute must-have for any one looking to ‘upgrade’ their dua so to speak. It has the most beautiful duas. Ones that you hear the Imams of Makkah make during Ramadan. If you have ever listened to those duas and thought “Sigh, I wish I could make dua like that”- look no further. Words are not enough to describe the beauty and blessing of this book.

The duas are organised into daily readings as per the days of a week which makes it incredibly user-friendly and ensures a complete reading thereby not missing a single dua. The translation and commentary is also one of the definite highlights of the book as it enables the seeker to dive into the wisdom and essence of the words spoken.

The first two sections of the book (“Introduction”, “Prayer and It’s Etiquettes”) introduced me to the concept of dua in such a succinct yet thorough way that it made me feel as though I’ve been making dua the wrong way my whole life.

I love this book and am so grateful to Allah that He introduced me to it. I’ve been meaning to share this with my Muslim readers and am so glad that I finally am able to do so.

Here are all the relevant links for you:

Buy the book: Amazon, AlBalagh, MeccaBooks

PDF online:

(Note: This is an older version of the book- without the introductory and commentary sections I believe. Regardless, it should be of benefit inshaAllah ❤ )


Ustadh Nouman’s tweet:

Feel free to comment below if there is anything I can assist with inshaAllah!

Take care and have a blessed day.

With peace,



8 thoughts on “Book Talk: Accepted Whispers

  1. Assalaamualaikum!
    Any idea where I can find Accepted Whispers here in Jeddah?! It’s not possible for me to order it right now.
    I love this post so much because I found out about Accepted Whispers in a video by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan! And I feel exactly the way you do with regards to the dua the Imam makes in Makkah. Even the Imam at the mosque near our home makes such beautiful duas, I was actually going to put it on record so I could find those specific duas, haha!


    • Wa alaykum assalam!

      MashaAllah that’s wonderful! (By any chance do you remember which exact video was it? I’d love to see him talk about it in person!)

      Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get it in Jeddah. I got my own copies upon ordering them online via when my brother was in UK. You can take advantage of the free PDF of the older version for now inshaAllah and perhaps order it any other time you are able to ^_^

      [I do have an extra copy at home- if you’d like it, we can meet up so I can give it to you!]


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