My Favourite Reading Apps

My Favourite Reading Apps

I love reading. Paperbacks are lovely, but so are eReaders. I know, I know! Most avid readers will be shocked to see me profess this but hey- just, hear me out.

To me, it doesn’t matter what medium you use- what matters is that you read. And if eReaders are an option for you to increase your daily reading, then why not! 😀

I, too, was a skeptic when it came to eReaders once upon a time. But now- I pretty much love them! I love how reading on my iPad has enabled me to read books which were otherwise hard to get locally. Also, the reasonable rates at which I can get some books is unbeatable. Especially when it comes to books I’m not sure I will end up loving.

I also love how I can read in the dark without worrying about a book lamp 😉

What’s more? Free books. You definitely can’t beat that.

So, here I am sharing my love for my absolute favourite reading apps, in no particular order whatsoever:

1- iBooks [iPad/iPhone/iPod]


This was my first real eReading experience. I loved it instantly.

The screen brightness adjustment, bookshelf style view (which, unfortunately is not a there in the new iOS update- boo!),  “flip-able” pages, the feature to highlight and add notes, the multiple bookmark feature- l loved it all. Highly recommend to all book readers! Only drawback is that it is available only for certain devices. But don’t worry- the next app I am going to mention is definitely just as good!

2- KOBO [Desktop/eReaders/Tablets/Android/iPhone]

kobo (1)

This app, you guys– it’s awesome! Extremely well designed and packed with features. My favourite has to be the Social Reading feature. It is pretty cool and very engaging. I am currently reading “A Christmas Carol” on this app (which is available for free, by the way) and it has been absolutely delightful so far. Best part? This app is available across multiple platforms so you can get your reading fix no matter which device you are on!

3- Adobe Reader 


I actually began to enjoy Adobe Reader when I installed the app on my iPad. Sure, it is your standard PDF viewer and for most of us common folk it doesn’t have more value than that. But what I love about the iPad app is that I don’t only use it for reading my PDF files, I also find myself using it very often to edit them if need be. When it comes to PDF files, you can’t go wrong with this app.

4- Scribd


This is a newer app for me that I have yet to discover all features of. But that aside, what makes me love it already is the fact that I can now read my files from Scribd offline on my iPad! It’s a score in my book 🙂

So, these are all my favourite apps for reading! What are yours? 🙂


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