My Favourite Reading Apps

My Favourite Reading Apps

I love reading. Paperbacks are lovely, but so are eReaders. I know, I know! Most avid readers will be shocked to see me profess this but hey- just, hear me out.

To me, it doesn’t matter what medium you use- what matters is that you read. And if eReaders are an option for you to increase your daily reading, then why not! 😀

I, too, was a skeptic when it came to eReaders once upon a time. But now- I pretty much love them! I love how reading on my iPad has enabled me to read books which were otherwise hard to get locally. Also, the reasonable rates at which I can get some books is unbeatable. Especially when it comes to books I’m not sure I will end up loving.

I also love how I can read in the dark without worrying about a book lamp 😉

What’s more? Free books. You definitely can’t beat that.

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