7 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Tumblr

I’m a big proponent of using Tumblr for business. Yes, we have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest of course. However, if you are truly serious about connecting with your audience in a way like never before- Tumblr is the place to be at.

Here’s top 7 reasons why I believe businesses, non profits, and other organisations should start using Tumblr:


1) Easy Setup

Tumblr is incredibly easy to get set and started! You have all this amazing content you are itching to share with your audience (new releases, behind the scenes, fan raves, etc) but cannot wait (or don’t have the finances) to set up a big girl website- Tumblr provides an excellent opportunity for you to do what you’d normally start out doing on a website but in an easy, no-nonsense way.

2) ‘What To Post?’ Is Not A Problem Any More

Tumblr’s feature lays out a neat content idea menu for you. It’s hard not to get inspired when you’re looking at all those options!


3) Get Discovered


The “Tags” feature on your Tumblr posts can help a ton in reaching out to your target audience! Use them wisely with intent- and you will be on your way to share your content with and attract the right personalities!

4) Search Engine Friendly


This article taught me that Tumblr is more search engine friendly than Facebook:

Tumblr blogs can be accessed directly via the Web, whereas Facebook content is available only to its users.ย That means Tumblr content gets indexed by search engines and can increase your search visibility.

There is no reason why you or your business shouldn’t be on Tumblr for this point alone!

5) Wonderful Community

If you believe in real engagement online to build genuine relationships (I don’t see why you wouldn’t) – Tumblr has what you seek. I personally find Tumblr to have an amazing community of users who love to Like, Reblog and Ask Questions. If you give your audience what they need and find interesting while maintaining your or your brand’s true, authentic self- you will definitely witness a fantastic engagement like never before.

6) A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Much of the best content on Tumblr is visual. So artistic and creative businesses can take advantage of this feature to connect with a new audiences with their message.

7) Being Human

I don’t believe Tumblr is the place to do relentless advertising or marketing for your brand. If you are seeking to do this on there (or even other social media platforms for that matter)– I hate to burst your bubble but… please find someplace else.

However, if you are going the sublime route of personalizing your brand and engaging with your audience at a deeper, more personal, and insightful level– welcome to Tumblr :)

I hope you found this helpful. I’d love to know if you or your biz are already on Tumblr or are in the ‘considering it’ stage.

Is it even worth your time with all these social networks you’re already finding hard to handle? I think…ย yes. You may have to subtract a few which are not working and replace with quality Tumblr activity and compare results. The call is on you.

Share your thoughts and comment below!

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