Bridal Color – Tuesday Hues


The fall has me coveting the deep rich hues.

Inspiration for this palette is “Bridal Color”, Desi in specific, as you can see. Following Ramadan, the next two-three months I see weddings everywhere! Don’t you? I definitely don’t get the chance to attend as many as I hear about, hahah!

Not many know this, but I love weddings. Whether it be Desi or otherwise. I’ve caught myself watching proposal and wedding videos on YouTube. Probably even shed a tear or two.

Sigh <3

There’s something so beautiful seeing two people come together in a sacred bond. Their close ones celebrating such a special moment of life. Love it.

I love this specific photo because it just seemed to catch all the traditional Desi bridal wedding colors, yet had this refreshing element, as translated with that stunning bright peachy-pink!

I also adore how this palette can also be used as fall color inspiration. The rich burgundy just screams ‘Fall’ for me. It brings vivid images of fall inspired makeup looks to mind. A fresh face, minimal eye makeup with winged eye liner, rose toned blush, glowy highlight, and a deep lipstick like in the color the palette = fall makeup beauty!

Another way I can see using this palette is for wedding decor inspiration, and wedding cards.

How would you use this Bridal Color palette in a project? I’d love to know! Comment away :)

With peace,


Jeddah Gets Breakfast At It’s Doorstep, Thanks To Breakfast Club

Does breakfast in bed

I came to know about this new food delivery service from Facebook. Gotta love Facebook at times like these!

After reading Destination Jeddah’s Facebook status, I quickly headed to Instagram and see what the Breakfast Club was all about.


I’m pretty excited for this. My only hope is that they deliver in the area where I live. It causes a bit of an inconvenience when companies market delivery services only to know they don’t deliver in the area you’re in because you’re ‘too far’. It’s happened on more than one occasion so I will be pretty bummed if it’s the same case with Breakfast Club.

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. Not only that, but I love a good breakfast menu! My sisters and I occasionally have a brunch/breakfast party where each one of us puts in the work in the kitchen for a nice breakfast meal, and then enjoy it together!

Also, can I just say- how beautiful is that imagery! The design nerd in me instantly fell in love with their branding. Ah, to design and photograph artistry as such so effortlessly. Just beautiful.

If that was not enough, I stumbled upon the company who did the branding for Breakfast Club. Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure. All credits go to their original owners, I’m just sharing some design love!




What I love about their post on Behance is that they explain what vision they had with the proposal. As a design student, I find it enlightening and useful to see how the geniuses do it. So, thanks Anagrama!

What do you think? Are you excited about this just as I am? If not design wise, then surely food wise? Hahah! :)

Comment below and let me know!

With peace,


Islamic Art – Tuesday Hues


Islamic Art is one of my absolute favorite things to gaze at for inspiration. It is nothing short of ethereal beauty.

The photo above used as a color palette inspiration is one such example. When I first laid my eyes on this, I was taken away. Such bold and beautiful use of color. The color lover in me was inspired! I could just float away in color heaven.

Thus, the first feature of “Tuesday Hues”- where I share my unabashed love of color found in pictures and beyond!

In my first attempt at creating a color palette from this picture, I didn’t include the turquoise. While writing this post, I kept looking at the palette and felt it didn’t have that vivid impact I personally felt the first time I saw it.And then I knew- it’s the hint of turquoise peaking from the design on the outer sides of the entrance. I couldn’t skip including that, and so I went ahead and added it (thereby omitting a dull yellow I had previously chosen!).

There is a recurring use of turquoise, teal, and bright blues of the like in Islamic Art. It’s quite amazing.

I looked up the meanings of turquoise, and according to this website- it represents open communication, emotional control, and self-sufficiency. It gives clarity of thought and also has calming effects. (Love that!)

I remember reading (something to the meaning) that Islamic Art has a spiritual purpose/quality behind it. Hence, my curiosity with the meaning of the color used (and basically anything related to this art!). Studying this subject a little more in depth is now on my bucket list!

A color palette like the one I share with you today is wonderful to take inspiration for your creative projects. Paper crafting, event planning, graphic designing, painting, or even an editorial makeup look.

Gotta love color palettes + views that inspire them!

What colors are inspiring you lately? I know it’s fall in most places of the world right now. So is it the warm autumn hues uplifting your spirits or are you still crushing on summer brights? Comment below and let me know!

Have a blessed day!

With peace,




Salam friends!

It’s that day of the week again… time for Friday Five!

In honor of all the Back to School excitement, this week we are talking about education. On to the questions:

Friday Five – Education edition

  1. What’s the highest level of education you’ve attained? I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication Science from Unisa.
  2. Would you like to get more education? Why or why not? Yes, absolutely. I love learning- whether formally or informally. I am a hopeless lifelong learner at heart, and sometimes take on way too much than I possibly can but the thought of things still unknown to me about all that life has to offer has me excited and eager to discover more. That is why I love education, knowledge, learning- they truly encompass the path of Light in my life!
  3. What was your favorite subject in school? That would be two favorite subjects- English and Social Studies.
  4. What was your least favorite subject? Math.
  5. Take What Should You Major In? – What do you get? Is it accurate? My result says my scholastic strength is “Deep Thinking”. Majors’ list states- Philosophy, Music, Theology, Art, History, Foreign language”. Is it accurate? Hmm… inshaAllah I’m hoping so! Hahah! ^_^

So, what are your results from the quiz? Share away below, and also don’t hesitate to answer the questions while you’re at it because I love reading your responses :)

Have a blessed day! <3

With peace,


P.S There is something special over at my beauty blog today:

Family Love



This Friday Five is late- but I am determined to do it anyways because I really want to keep the ball going. Next week, I will hustle to get this up on time inshaAllah!

So, this week it is all about “Family”.

Friday Five – Family History Edition

1. How have you learned about your family history? Do you find it an interesting subject?

Most of the family history I’ve learned about is from my father. I find it an incredibly interesting subject. Earlier, I didn’t really pay attention to it but after learning it’s importance and significance, I have a lot of curiosity and respect for my roots now!

2. Do you have a family tree? Have you worked on completing it?

Unfortunately, no family tree here. However, that would be a lot of fun! Maybe one day when I have a family of my own- I will start this tradition so our generations know where they come from! :)

3. Is your family from the country you live in currently? Or did they immigrate from somewhere else? Where? How recently?

My parents immigrated from India to Saudi Arabia about 30+ years ago and have been settled here ever since. So, while we are not Saudi natives for sure, all of us siblings have been born and brought up here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is the reason I call Jeddah my hometown!

4. Are you related to someone famous? How closely related? (Feel free to either mention the person or not depending on how discreet you need to be.)

Hmm, no one really comes to the mind at the moment for present. So, that would be a no.

5. Take What Country Are You? – What do you get? Is it accurate? Is this country a part of your family’s history?

My result- Italy! Hahah! While I am definitely not Italian in any way, I would consider the result accurate because a part of it says “you just enjoy spending time with your family… especially when food is shared!” Lol! I’m positive my parents and siblings will give a nod of agreement to that!

Few things are as fun and memorable as the times when good family time and good food come together, don’t you think? :) <3

Please share your answers below (or do your own blog post version!). I read (and reply to!) every comment! ^_^

Have a great day!

With peace,


Hello, Weekend.


Peace, and hello everyone!

I’ve been thinking about doing a regular ‘series’ of posts for this blog, and also my beauty blog (apart from the usual posts here and there every once in a while that I do!).

So, as I am still searching for a regular for my beauty blog, I’ve found one for this!

Friday Five. Everyone seems to have their own version of it, but, essentially- it consists of 5 questions that you journal about on your blog, every Friday. As simple as that!

So, on to this blog’s first ever Friday Five. The source for these questions is at this link.

Friday Five – Weekend Edition

1. What is your favorite weekend activity?

Now that I think about it, I don’t have one specified in particular. I think I should though! It’d probably be a mix of reading, blogging, design work, and spending time with my family!

2. Where do you like to go for a quick weekend trip?

One place that has been on my mind quite a bit recently- Dubai. Especially now that my sister lives there, I’d really like to go!

3. What sort of vibe does your ideal weekend have? Fun? Social? Relaxing? Productive? Something else?

Relaxing + family time + fun = my ideal weekend! :D

4. What are your plans for this weekend?

Study! Semester assignments are due right around the corner so, yes! On the bright side, these are subjects I enjoy quite a bit ^_^ So, Alhamdullilah! <3

5. Take What Hobby Are You? – What do you get? Is it accurate?

This was a bit difficult for me. For almost every question- there were two options I really wanted to pick!

Anywho, my result- Cooking. I’d like to believe it is fairly accurate (inshaAllah!). I’m trying to get better and I hope that this result does translate in real life (I’d love that!) Hahah! :D

If you’re a blogger, you’re cordially invited to do a Friday Five! After you’ve finished your post, feel free to link it in the comments and I will be happy to check it out!

If you’re not a blogger, absolutely positively leave your answers below as well! I’d love to hear from you!

Take care, and have a blessed day!

With peace,


Eid Mubarak Greetings + Announcement!

A little inspiration <3

Peace, and hello!

Ramadan is almost over (I know, can you believe it?), and Eid is here! I’ve been working on a few things and am so happy and humbled to be able to share them with you finally :)

I’d like to announce the soft launch of my new website, Hopeful Creative. You can visit it here:

Much of the site is still under development as you can tell, and honestly speaking- I didn’t have plans to make it live this soon either! Things just happened- Alhamdullilah!

So, what is Hopeful Creative about anyway? I’m praying much good comes out of it in the long run, but for now- you’ll find fun and FREE digital goods and printables designed by yours truly. Therein you’ll find digi-greetings, posters, bookmarks, postcards, and more to inspire your daily life inshaAllah <3. You can even suggest a design of a quote/poster that you want and it will be done for you!

I really want to get better at this whole graphic design thing, and this website is one way for me to keep working on my skills and get to serving you better!

And so, in happiness of this launch I am releasing the first collection for you to download just in time for Eid! Visit the website and grab any you like- send it digitally or print on a card stock and send to your loved ones. Have fun!

JazakAllah khair, for taking out time to read. It truly means a lot more than I can express. In my entire blogging life, I’ve never had so much pleasure and happiness in writing as I have here.

So, thank you.

Have an awesome day! Eid Mubarak in advance!



Book Talk: Accepted Whispers


Dua is such a beautiful experience. Yet I find myself not giving it  it’s true due. Sometimes I’m at a loss for words, and sometimes I cease to reflect on it’s true essence and realize that it’s far more than just a few spoken words.

Sometime last year, I came across this tweet from Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

The tweet
The tweet

I already had “Fortress of the Muslim” so, naturally my attention went on to search what “Accepted Whispers” was about and where I could get it.

Alhamdullilah, after getting my hands on it- I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s an absolute must-have for any one looking to ‘upgrade’ their dua so to speak. It has the most beautiful duas. Ones that you hear the Imams of Makkah make during Ramadan. If you have ever listened to those duas and thought “Sigh, I wish I could make dua like that”- look no further. Words are not enough to describe the beauty and blessing of this book.

The duas are organised into daily readings as per the days of a week which makes it incredibly user-friendly and ensures a complete reading thereby not missing a single dua. The translation and commentary is also one of the definite highlights of the book as it enables the seeker to dive into the wisdom and essence of the words spoken.

The first two sections of the book (“Introduction”, “Prayer and It’s Etiquettes”) introduced me to the concept of dua in such a succinct yet thorough way that it made me feel as though I’ve been making dua the wrong way my whole life.

I love this book and am so grateful to Allah that He introduced me to it. I’ve been meaning to share this with my Muslim readers and am so glad that I finally am able to do so.

Here are all the relevant links for you:

Buy the book: Amazon, AlBalagh, MeccaBooks

PDF online:

(Note: This is an older version of the book- without the introductory and commentary sections I believe. Regardless, it should be of benefit inshaAllah <3 )


Ustadh Nouman’s tweet:

Feel free to comment below if there is anything I can assist with inshaAllah!

Take care and have a blessed day.

With peace,


Post-exams life + FREE Ramadan Mubarak Facebook Cover Download!

A little Friday inspiration <3
A little Friday inspiration <3

Ah! Feels so good to back and writing again!

Honestly, I’ve been meaning to come back and write here for far too long. I just got done with my semester exams about a week ago– and cue family gatherings galore (in fact, I’m having one today as well!).

So to celebrate my resume to blogging on this little place once again- I’ve brought FREE Ramadan Mubarak downloads for everyone!

Here they are in a few colour selections so you can pick and choose what you like ^_^

To download: right click and select "Save image as"
To download: right click and select “Save image as”
To download: right click and select "Save image as"
To download: right click and select “Save image as”
To download: right click and select "Save image as"
To download: right click and select “Save image as”
To download: right click and select "Save image as"
To download: right click and select “Save image as”
To download: right click and select "Save image as"
To download: right click and select “Save image as”

If you liked these covers and are using them, please message me with your profile (if you can) so I can see it. It would be the sweetest thing!

Quite a few things are brimming here at my side. One of them being a re-brand of this blog. Now, I know it sounds so huge and all- but really what I hope to do is tweak a few things so I can serve YOU better. Apart from that, I am also on my way to becoming a LIFO Trainer (Alhamdullilah!), and taking part in this brilliant graphic design course as a beta tester. Seriously, check it out. Even the free part of the course is pretty neat and helps you get your design basics in place.

Reading wise- I’m currently crazy about the Kobo app, and reading Naima Roberts’ “From My Sister’s Lips” on it (finally). Loving every word. It brings back the spirit of being a Muslim and having Islam in my life, Alhamdullilah <3 Have you read it? I want to know what you thought of it! Didn’t yet? Let’s read it together and discuss our favourite parts later! :)

So, tell me about YOUR post-exams life at the moment (if you, like me, are a student) or if not- tell me what’s up these days? Really, I’d love to know!

With peace,


Feature: Illustrator and Graphic Designer Gavin Campbell

Earlier this week, I received an email from one of the 40 certified Adobe Community Professionals in the UK – Gavin Campbell (!). I was thrilled to say the least, and so asked him if I could share it’s contents with the lovely blog community here and he was cool with it :)


Gavin Campbell is an extremely talented graphic designer and illustrator who has designed for companies like Microsoft and BBC. He was one of the two keynote speakers at the ‘New Creatives’ event in London on the 27th of March following a feature and interview on

You can check out the recording of the event below where he talks about:

  • what it means to be a new creative
  • why to find a start that works for you (i.e be yourself!)
  • why not to follow trends
  • why he became an illustrator
  • his advice for aspiring creatives
  • his influences
  • things that have worked for him as a freelance illustrator
  • his career highs and lows

Also, here is the interview from (don’t miss!). Gavin talks about what inspires him, what he thinks about new creative mediums and if creativity can prove to be a lovely endeavor. All issues designers/artists ponder about time and again. You can browse Gavin’s stunning light inspired work here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are just as inspired as I am! I feel so grateful to share this with you as I love learning from the giants in this amazing industry and makes me feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this path. Creativity is pretty awesome and I hope someday can I be even remotely as innovative as they are.

Well, a girl can pray! :D

Until then.

With peace,